In accordance with its corporate social responsibility duties and continuous cooperation with national institutions, National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) announced its sponsorship and contribution to the establishment of a computer lab under the name NTEC Lab at Kuwait University?s (KU) Computer Engineering Department.

In light of giving back to the community and in this case Kuwait?s youth, NTEC have provided KU with the necessary means to strengthen and develop students? academic abilities which eventually helps them meet their aspirations.

NTEC?s willingness to strengthen its relations with academic institutions such as KU through sponsorships and other contributing acts goes to show that it works towards maximizing potential in the specific fields of interest in which KU operates in in order to serve its students and alternatively the Kuwaiti society as a whole.

About NTEC:

NTEC was established in November 2002 and operated in late 2004, by the Kuwait Council of Ministers as a fully owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA).�NTEC utilizes its core businesses; Information & Communications Technologies, Life Sciences & Healthcare Technologies, Energy, Renewable Energy and Water & Environmental Technologies to develop distinctive operational and investment strategies to address its core mandate of technology & knowledge transfer.