Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) signed an agreement with the National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) on Tuesday, through which NTEC manages a solar power generation project in Co-operative Societies with financing and backing of KFAS.

The solar power generation project in Co-op Societies comes within the framework of KFAS’ strategy aimed at supporting scientific and technological projects of developing outcomes, Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Director General of KFAS said in a press statement.
The project is geared toward the renewable energy field, for its economic, environmental, and social dimensions, Shihab-Eldin added, noting that cooperation with NTEC for this project tends to attract techniques of solar power generation from solar power, through which techniques would be installed in specific locations within Co-ops to produce around 750 kW of electricity as a preliminary phase, which is an important step towards the way for expansion in order to benefit from the available solar power in Kuwait with higher rates.
He disclosed that KFAS is currently studying to finance several projects concerning areas of renewable energies and implementing them within Co-ops, which are main destinations for citizens and residents, to create a condition of social interest by providing renewable energy, protecting environment, and spreading knowledge and culture of this new field.
For his part, Anas Meerza, General Manager of NTEC, said that this project is important since it is part of preliminary applied projects in the field of renewable energies in the country, adding that the projects is not only for studying solar power techniques, but also for Indigenizing it through electricity generation in existing facilities.
Furthermore, Meerza expressed his pride in KFAS’s confidence of NTEC’s work accomplishments, as well as commissioning it to manage this project, indicating that NTEC is to implement this project via its owned-company Intertek for energy, which is the executive and technical arm for NTEC in renewable and alternative energies projects.