National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) and their subsidiaries held their annual summer internship program in partnership with the Public Authority of Manpower?s (PAM) Student Program for a second consecutive year. NTEC Group?s annual Summer Internship Program (NSIP) provides its group of interns with valuable work experience, helps them develop and refine their skills as well as network with professionals in the field. NTEC?s continuous cooperation with PAM?s Student Program helps future Kuwaiti generations familiarize themselves with shifting from a classroom setting to a real-work experience and is a great opportunity for university Seniors or fresh graduates to explore and acquaint themselves with the field they are interested in.

A completion ceremony was held for the interns on Thursday, July 18th 2019 at NTEC Headquarters with the intern?s mentors and NTEC management in presence.

NTEC Group will continue to be actively involved in corporate social responsibility programs especially ones targeting the national youth and contributing to sharpen their skills in order to help them pursue their future endeavors.

About NTEC:

The National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) was established back in November of 2002 and operational in late 2004, by the Kuwait Council of Ministers as a fully owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). Capitalized at 100 Million Kuwaiti Dinars (Approximately 350 Million U.S. Dollars). The company holds a unique position being fully owned by the Kuwaiti Government, yet enjoys all private sector privileges and operates as such, and was able to utilize its broad objectives and technology focus being: Information & Communications Technologies, Life Sciences & Healthcare Technologies, Energy, Renewable Energy, Water & Environmental Technologies, to develop distinctive operational and investment strategies to address its core mandate: Technology & Knowledge Transfer.