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A warm welcome to our website!

On behalf of the National Technology Enterprises Company “NTEC” and its fully owned subsidiaries, let me be among the first to welcome you to our website. Since its inception date, NTEC embraced a mission to lead both government and private sectors in the development and application of leading edge technology; and a vision to become the “Middle East's Technology & Knowledge Transfer Platform”.

Today, NTEC plays a vital role in servicing major stakeholders, locally and regionally, with their technology needs through innovative and flexible business models accommodating technology projects development, technology investments, advisory services and supportive Training & Development programs.

We are experiencing multiple technological revolutions than ever before seen in the era of ICT, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Energy related Technologies. NTEC has from the nascent stage kept abreast with the cutting edge of the evolving technologies. It is credited to be among few companies that have invested substantially in technology and more importantly, its people. Our spirit of innovation has acted as a catalyst in our continued growth, success and credibility and we can say with pride that we are among those few organizations that have empowered its employees with decision-making capabilities through fostering the virtue of trust and independence.

Welcome again and thank you for taking time to visit our website.

Mr. Anas Meerza – Group CEO


The National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) was established back in November of 2002 and operational in late 2004, by the Kuwait Council of Ministers as a fully owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). Capitalized at 100 Million Kuwaiti Dinars (Approximately 350 Million U.S. Dollars), with a paid up capital of 85 Million Kuwaiti Dinars. NTEC was created to play a vital role in servicing major stakeholders in Kuwait with their technology needs. The company holds a unique position being fully owned by the Kuwaiti Government, yet enjoys all private sector privileges and operates as such; with its own business license, articles of association, board of directors and capital, NTEC was able to utilize its broad objectives and technology focus being: Information & Communications Technologies, Life Sciences & Healthcare Technologies, Energy, Renewable Energy, Water & Environmental Technologies, to develop distinctive operational and investment strategies to address its core mandate: Technology & Knowledge Transfer.


Startup or Partnering in high-tech specialized projects to develop the national economy and to diversify the nation’s revenue streams

Assist in the development of nationals’ technical skills and encourage their participation in high-tech projects

Carry out high-tech industrial, commercial, vocational, professional and service oriented projects’ studies throughout all sectors relevant to the country’s technology development needs

Start or participate (invest) in technology investments and deals locally and internationally for financial gain as well as for the purpose of supporting local & regional technology developments

Ownership Structure

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Global Innovation Company is one of the leading regional providers of innovative human capital development solutions. GIC is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC), concentrating on developing its business through:

  • Building milestone strategies and goals with our clients.
  • A huge network of international and regional Subject Matter Experts and Consultants.
  • A solid portfolio of partnerships with leading technology and knowledge vendors.
  • Accommodating International diversified distinct skills and knowledge, locally.
  • Bilingual support of all our services and products.
  • Dedicated learning solutions covering areas of specialized technical training in Soft Skills, Human Resource, Project Management and Management Information Systems.
  • Innovative knowledge transfer techniques through our services and programs such as Management Outsourcing, ME-HR Hub and other.

For more information please visit www.gic.net.kw

IMPULSE is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC) that offers complete ICT and value solutions for the Enterprises and SMBs. IMPULSE offers applications and solutions that enable voice and data services to be provided to users, including mobile services applications, wireless entertainment applications, VAS system integration, security service and other industry-specific customized solutions.

Staying connected everywhere, requires sophisticated, secure and costly solutions that are difficult to provide, install and maintain. IMPULSE understands the challenges associated with developing and maintaining such a system. IMPULSE has engineered its highly skilled resources to come up with a family of ICT solutions to fulfill costumer requirement of security, performance & quality.

IMPULSE’s innovative and high performance solutions are easy to deploy and manage. Powerful, flexible, easy and cost-effective are some of the terms which identify IMPULSE’s solutions.

For more information please visit www.impulse.com.kw

Kuwait Life Science Company is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC) that focuses on healthcare innovative concepts and demanded services which have a clear unmet need. KLSC has been designed as an integrated healthcare company building unique projects and is considered one of the fewest venture capitalists in the Middle East that invests globally and operates regionally seeking to advance healthcare services and systems in the region.

KLSC supports both public and private sectors to access emerging technologies, establish unique projects and adapt best practices prevailing in today’s healthcare field. KLSC operates in healthcare investment, medical technologies and training.

For more information please visit www.klsc.com.kw

ENERTECH is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC)that focuses on technology projects development and investment, its main objectives are to transfer technologies in Kuwait and GCC region by creating platforms, invest in regional opportunities of private equity, venture capital, direct investment, and participate in projects as lead; co-lead partner in energy, water , recycling and clean tech sectors with a mission to lead both government and private sectors in the development and application of leading edge technology.

For more information please visit www.enertech.com.kw

National Advisory Services Company (NASCO), is a newly established wholly-owned subsidiary of NTEC; the mission and mandate of which is to provide best-in-class technology, strategic, and management / operational advisory services to public and private-sector institutions and enterprises, both locally and regionally, by way of leveraging its high-caliber resources and unique market position, while committing to upholding business independence, integrity, professionalism, and clients’ best interests in all circumstances and at all times.
For more information please visit www.nasco.com.kw

National Company for International Educational Services & Training (NEST) aims for a seamless integration of a School, University, National Leadership Institute & Vocational Training Centre designed for business leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs and those involved in management components of a business. NEST aims to provide a new and holistic approach to education, catering to all ages and driving the development of a competitive workforce in Kuwait capable of supporting a prosperous knowledge-economy and aims to become one of Kuwait’s leading educational service providers.
For more information please visit www.nest.edu.kw

History timeline

Investment Strategy Mode
Operational Strategy Mode
Spin-outs Mode
2011 - Kuwait Life Sciences Co. (KLSC)
Life Sciences & Healthcare Technologies Sector
2012 - Impulse International Co.
Information & Communication Technologies Sector
2012 - EnerTech Holding
Energy, Renewable Energy, Water & Environmental Technologies Sector
2013 - Global Innovation Co.
Human Resources Management & Training Services
2014 - NASCO Advisory Services Co.
Advisory & Consulting Services

Business Model

NTEC’s business model is demand driven. Through scouting local and regional markets, NTEC continues to identify market needs and potential business opportunities in both private and government sectors, and then reacts actively or proactively, via its various business models and the capabilities of its fully owned subsidiaries to address such needs and opportunities in a manner that suffices and cascades its main objectives. Thus, NTEC has developed unique Investment and Operational Strategies:

Investment Strategy

Since the launch of its Spin-out Mode, NTEC no longer invests directly but rather through its fully owned subsidiaries; KLSC, Impulse Int’l and EnerTech. NTEC’s investments are now geared towards National Level technology Projects and Initiatives.

The Group’s investment strategy is based on the following investment criteria:

NTEC’s Subsidiaries invest in the project’s equity in partnership with the private sector and accommodates two types of technology projects; internally developed by NTEC’s Subsidiaries and externally developed by the private sector. In both cases, NTEC’s Subsidiaries favour a form of Joint Venture, partnering with technology providers, supporting projects with added value, demanded and are internationally proven concept.

Local & Regional Start-up Projects

International Venture Capital, VC, investments are NTEC’s Subsidiaries’ core experience. The focus is pre-commercialization stage companies that are viable and financially attractive with clear exit strategies and a vision to expand into new markets in Kuwait and the region.

NTEC’s Subsidiaries invest in companies with products or services which solve existing customer problems with ground-breaking technologies and have the potential for above average, substantial growth.Through many years of experience in Venture Capital investments, NTEC’s Subsidiaries’ team has developed a systematic process based on thought selection process, comprehensive due diligence, and an active investment management.

Venture Capital – International

For the purpose of reducing the time gap of certain demanded technology introduction into mass markets along with building a true technology transfer platform, NTEC’s Subsidiariesinvest in the form of Private Equity in technology companies that have the potential of regional expansion, and a proven concept with sustainable business model.

Private Equity – International & Regional

Operational Strategy

NTEC’s Operational Strategy is a mix of activities and services based on its status, internal capabilities, the experience and focus of its fully owned subsidiaries and its clear understanding of the local, regional and international markets. At all times, NTEC and its fully owned subsidiaries strive to complement and not compete with the private sector, as most of the Group’s projects requires the partnership, expertise and knowledge of private sector companies whom we consider our “Partners in Success”.

Project Development & Project Management

As most of NTEC’s and it’s fully owned subsidiaries’ professionals embrace Engineering and MBA degrees with hands-on experiences, the Group is able to develop and manage highly sophisticated technology projects, from their initiation phase, whether a direct request, tender or privately developed projects, all the way to deployment and implementation phase, and into, if required, the project management and after sale support. Some of our key successful projects are: Mobile Number Portability “MNP” and CO-OP Solar Energy Project. We tend to subcontract our fully owned subsidiaries to execute projects of relevance should NTEC is contracted.

Preferred Local Partner

As a Governmentally owned company, NTEC is positioned as a preferred partner for International Companies looking to do business or expand into local and regional markets. With ours and our fully owned subsidiaries’ business activities and network throughout the MENA region, we are able to define best markets to expand, way to expand, legal & tax implication along with partnering to execute projects if required. Our partnership model can be a “Joint Venture”, an “Agency Agreement” or any form of a specific “Project’s Partnership Agreement”. One of our key successful partnerships is with University of Texas at Austin to deploy the “Global Bridge Initiative” – GBI – through an Offset Funding by Thales and Northrup.

Hosting & Market Expansion Services

In addition of being a preferred partner, NTEC has allocated a large space “Business Incubator” within its offices to host international companies at the beginning of their expansion phase into local and regional markets; hence minimizing the risks and costs associated with new market entry. Through NTEC’s hosting services, International companies can work from offices located within NTEC’s prestigious business address, accessing an existing infrastructure, working closely with NTEC’s fully owned subsidiaries located in the same space, utilizing NTEC’s Marketing& Corporate Finance capabilities and team, thus enjoying a fast-track success.

Capacity Building, Training & Development

One of NTEC’s main objectives is to assist in the development of nationals’ technical skills and encourages their participation in high-tech projects through capacity building and training & development programs. NTEC and its subsidiaries have partnered with internationally renowned institutes and training centers to develop training and development programs that addresses the nation’s nationals’ needs and the needs of the local industry. One of our key ongoing project in this area is K-Lead, a Kuwait Petroleum Corporation “KPC” Leadership Development program being managed by NTEC in partnership with London Business School.

Advisory & Consulting Services

Although NASCO Advisory Services Company was created to provide advisory and consulting services locally and regionally for both public and private sectors; NASCO welcomes the opportunity to provide its services to International companies seeking to expand into our local and regional markets through its suite of best-in-class value-added technology, strategic, financial, and management/operational advisory services. As most of the technology projects start with an advisory & consulting service, we are able to “see” projects in the pipe-line ahead of time and prepare our fully owned subsidiaries for the execution of such projects.

Human Resources Management Services

Post Spin-outs mode, Global Innovation Company “GIC” was createdin order to outsource NTEC’s and it’s fully owned subsidiaries’ HR management activities due to the exponential growth in the number of staff across the Group. Today, GIC is not only providing its services internally, but also servicing NTEC’s and its fully owned subsidiaries’ investee companies along with private and public sectors locally and regionally. Global Innovation Company is now one of the leading regional providers of innovative human capital development management and solutions.

NTEC’s Established Ecosystem

Key projects

Key projects

Global Bridge


Mobile Number


CO-OP Solar


House 2035


Ministry of Awqaf

Global Bridge Initiative

The Global Bridge Initiative, GBI, is a result of efforts and work between The Global Commercialization Group (GCG) of IC² Institute at The University of Texas at Austin and NTEC, funded through the Offset obligation of Thales and Northrup. The project is focused on technology transfer as a method for sourcing innovation, Kuwait enterprise development and global competitiveness, and servedas the bridge for Kuwaiti entrepreneurs to access sources of innovation and new markets from the U.S. and other global markets.

The overall goal of the initiative is to accelerate the development of Kuwait’s knowledge economy and establish a high tech center that will be the catalyst for both domestic and regional wealth creation. The key to regional prosperity is the strategic combination of technology, entrepreneurship, and education. The proposed program promoted new venture creation and used technology commercialization and entrepreneurship as the engine for economic growth.

Mobile Number Portability “MNP”

To fulfil the Kuwait market’s current and growing demand for advanced and more competitive telecommunications services and applications, the Mobile Number Portability Project was awarded to NTEC. This successfully executed and on-going project, involves the smooth and seamless transfer of mobile numbers and lines between domestic mobile operators on the request of and on behalf of mobile subscribers. Since the launch of the service back in June 2013, more than 80,000 numbers and lines have been moved and transferred between local mobile operators at a reasonable fee charge. Note - this project undertaking is widely recognized and acknowledged in Kuwait and the Region; as being a truly groundbreaking and successful venture of considerable value and significance.

CO-OP Solar Energy

An exciting ongoing project undertaking between NTEC, KFAS, KISR and a selected number of Co-operative Societies; in the area of renewable energy, involving the installation of cutting-edge Rooftop Solar PV Panels in co-operative society car-parks, in order to contribute energy power to the electricity power grid, in a “grid-assist capacity”. NTEC having secured this project undertaking, is overseeing and managing its implementation.


Represents NTEC’s prominent foray into high-profile and value-proposition program-based executive training, coaching, and mentoring; in the guise of a 5-year contract with KPC, designed and aimed at developing and enhancing the overall management skills and capabilities of “K-Company C-Level Executives”. This involves program development and delivery in direct and close collaboration with leading UK and US universities and academic institutes; for the express purpose of delivering customized best-in-class training, coaching, and mentoring. The contract was awarded to NTEC in 2013, and is valued at approx. KD 11M.

House 2035

National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) signed a contract with the Public Authority of Housing and Welfare (PAHW) to design, construct and operate a sustainable low energy traditional Kuwaiti house. Enertech is assigned to developing The project that will be intended to achieve low energy consumption through architecture, energy consumption and water use while maintaining the quality of occupants’ thermal and visual comfort. This Project has a national level target in converting PAHW Standard Housing Design and Construction into sustainable, low energy house. Technologies have been selected based on three pillars; Sustainability, Affordability and Availability.


National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) and the Public Authority for Manpower have partnered together to launch a unique service AS-HAL that is executed by IMPULSE (A fully owned subsidiary of NTEC) this unique electronic service is provided by the public Authority to business owners and companies. It facilitates the procedures of recruitment and worker of the employers and the clearance of all transactions electronically on the website. For more details please visit http://www.manpower.gov.kw

Ministry of Awqaf

The National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) and the Ministry of Awqaf have partnered together to launch a model project executed by EnerTech company (A fully owned subsidiary of NTEC) to save electricity power and water consumption at mosques in Kuwait. The joint project will implement applications of environmental green building standards in three mosques to begin with, starting with Fatma Al-Awadhi mosque in Khaitan, the project will expand to include the remaining mosques in the State of Kuwait.





Mar. 01, 2020

Public Authority for Manpower provides AS-HAL services free of charge during the month of March

Feb. 23, 2020

Smart House 2035 Opening

Jan. 29, 2020

Enertech 100 mw Maiden Solar Project in Balochistan delivers lowest tariff in the Country

Dec. 17, 2019

NTEC's 257% Net Profit Growth

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